High Impact Practices (HIPs) Analysis

High Impact Practices (HIPs) Analysis

爱博体育分析The are a set of evidence-based family planning practices vetted by global experts against specific criteria and documented in an easy-to-use format. HIPs are identified based on demonstrated magnitude of impact on contraceptive use and potential application in a wide range of settings. Evidence of replicability, scalability, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness are also considered. HIPs are categorized as Service Delivery, Social and Behavior Change, or Enabling Environment.

Explanation of Analysis

The HIPs Analysis for FP2020 Commitment-making countries is meant to help countries start a conversation about their investments and consists of a review of the FP2020 Key strategic documents:

  • FP2020 Commitment,
  • Costed Implementation Plan (CIP), and
  • FP2020 Country Action Plan.

Text in a cell indicates High Impact Practices (HIPs) that are included in key strategic documents. Note that not all HIPs are appropriate for all countries; it is important to consider the country context and prioritize investments.

  FP2020 Commitment Costed Implementation Plan (CIP) FP2020 Country Action Plan


The bring together a wide range of data sources to explore potential opportunities for increasing mCPR related to demand, availability, access, enabling environment, quality and equity.  These briefs, together with the HIPs Analysis, can help inform conversations about country priorities.

Analyses by FP2020 Focus Country

Country HIPs analyses were conducted by the FP2020 Secretariat. Each analysis identifies high-impact practices in the country's key strategic documents associated with the FP2020 goals.

    Anglophone Africa

    HIPs analyses for each of the countries listed below are available in Excel format.


    爱博体育分析HIPs analyses for each of the countries listed below are available in Excel format.

    Francophone Countries

    HIPs analyses for Francophone countries are available in French in Excel format.

    Scorecards & Checklists

    Adolescent-Friendly Contraceptive Services Scorecard
    Family Planning and Immunization Integration Checklist
    Immediate Postpartum Family Planning Implementation Checklist
    Post-Abortion Family Planning Implementation Checklist

    Core Conveners

    爱博体育分析HIP Core Conveners are USAID, UNFPA, WHO/IBP, IPPF, and FP2020.

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