COVID-19 FP Impact

Photo Credit:
KB Mpofu / ILO
Photo Credit:
KB Mpofu / ILO


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, FP2020 has been working with partners to ensure family planning remains an essential element of the global health agenda. Central to this effort is ensuring that the family planning community has data about how the pandemic is affecting programs and services.

Through the COVID-19 FP Impact Task Team, FP2020 is working with partners to monitor, measure and model the impact of COVID-19 on family planning.

COVID-19 FP Impact Task Team

As part of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, FP2020 is convening data partners to share information, collaborate and coordinate on four streams of work:

  1. Developing an early assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on data collection and data systems
  2. Identifying ways that government and private sector HMIS data or other data can be used as early warning systems for FP service delivery impacts
  3. Monitoring impacts on supply chains
  4. Using models and scenarios to estimate impacts on family planning

爱博体育分析The sections below feature briefs, presentations, tools and other resources on these thematic areas.

Data Collection & Systems

HMIS & Other Data

Supply Chain Impacts

Impact Models & Scenarios

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