Rapid Response Mechanism

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Small Grants to Advance FP2020’S Country Goals & Objectives

What is the Rapid Response Mechanism?

The Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) provides small grants to fund time-sensitive爱博体育分析 projects that will help FP2020 partners meet our overall goal of providing 120 million more women and girls access to contraceptives by 2020.

爱博体育分析The RRM is used to fund projects that directly respond to opportunities for which an immediate intervention is needed. In other terms, RRM-funded projects must:

  • EITHER respond to a recent change in the family planning operational environment of a FP2020 focus country
  • OR work toward a specific upcoming opportunity to advance family planning in a FP2020 focus country

What types of activities does the RRM fund?

Typically, RRM projects fall into three categories:

Technical Assistance
Our definition: To provide expert assistance to the government in order to strengthen...
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Our definition: To provide training and post-training activities on family planning to...
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Our definition: To educate and influence those who hold governmental, political, economic...
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Who is eligible?

In order to receive funding from the RRM, your organization must meet the three criteria below:

  • Be a registered non-governmental organization, a government body, a United Nations agency, or a private contractor.
  • Have a bank account registered to the organization’s name.
  • Implement your proposed project in an FP2020 focus country.

When and how to apply?

The FP2020 Secretariat accepts new RRM applications on an ongoing basis. This means there is no deadline to apply to the RRM.

爱博体育分析Prospective organizations can apply through two distinct channels:

  • On-line application form on the FP2020 website (recommended, see “Apply Now!” below)
  • Off-line application forms, which can be downloaded here

The FP2020 Secretariat strongly encourages applicants to use the forms and templates provided on our website.

Selection of RRM applications is competitive, based on how relevant the proposed project is to fulfill the RRM mandate and how much funding is available at any given time. Applicants must demonstrate that the grant will help address an unanticipated need or urgent opportunity and that there are clear benefits or need to secure rapid funding.

Selection of RRM grants will be handled by the FP2020 Secretariat, in consultation with our country partners as appropriate.

爱博体育分析All proposals will undergo a degree of validation and due diligence. The following documents must be provided by the applicant (templates available in the “Resources” section below):

  • Registration Documents (always required, unless the applicant is a government body)
  • Audit report or Bank Letter (always required, unless the applicant is a government body)
  • Commitment Letter (only if the applicant plans to implement its proposed project jointly with one or several partner organization(s)
  • Support Letter from a FP2020 commitment entity (only if the proposed project budget exceeds US$25,000) 
  • Workplan




Before submitting your application through FP2020’s on-line system, please:

Download the Narrative proposal template and prepare your responses “off-line” with the rest of your team.

Download the Budget template and prepare your project budget “off-line” with the rest of your team.

Download the Workplan template and prepare your project workplan “off-line” with the rest of your team

Have your application’s attachments read. You can find templates for these documents in the section below. We accept files in a wide range of formats (Word, Excel, PDF, jpeg, etc.).



If you are using the offline forms, please submit your narrative proposal, budget, workplan, and all required attachments to rapidresponse@unfoundation.org.


Narrative Proposal
Bank Letter
Commitment Letter
Support Letter


The RRM cannot be used to fund the following:

  • Purchase of contraceptives
  • Government staff salaries or honorariums
  • Scholarships to individuals
  • Fees to attend a conference
  • Basic research, academic studies or surveys
  • Capital equipment (such as machinery, vehicles, IT equipment, and office furniture)


If you have any questions on the RRM, please feel free to contact the FP2020 Secretariat at rapidresponse@familyplanning2020.org爱博体育分析. Thank you!

爱博体育分析Special thanks to  for establishing the Rapid Response Mechanism.

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