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Strategies for increasing contraceptive access optimize the skills and competencies health workers

The Call to Action

Task sharing is the systematic delegation of tasks to a broader set of health professionals to more equitably allocate and maximize the efficient use of human resources. Task sharing strategies for increasing contraceptive access optimize the skills and competencies health workers at all levels bring to contraception and women’s health. We all have a role to play in this effort.

This Call to Action was developed to urge global health and development partners to adopt task sharing as a key solution for increasing access to contraception. This call to action is in support of Family Planning 2020 goals. Its development benefitted from extensive inputs from the Family Planning Task Sharing Technical Working Group and other partner organizations.

爱博体育分析Task Sharing to Increase Access to Contraception: A Proven Strategy that Makes a Difference

Call to Action
Appel à l'action

Endorsing Organizations

Peace Foundation
Norsom Health
My Age Zimbave
 London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Ibis Reproductive health
Health Right International
Advancing Partners and communities
Marie Stopes
Intra Health
Engender HEalth
Johns Hopkins

Why Task Sharing? Why Now?

Task Sharing Technical Working Group Resources

Resources in English

Research Planning Framework for Task-Sharing Family Planning Services
WHO FP Task Sharing Guidelines
Family Planning Task Sharing Indicators

Resources in French

Cadre de travail pour la planification de la recherche sur le partage des tâches...
Consignes de l'OMS sur le partage des tâches de PF
Indicateurs de partage des tâches de planification familiale

Task Sharing Research

What Can You Do?

爱博体育分析Endorse the Statement

  • Complete this to endorse the statement and show your support

Be Informed

  • Learn more about
  • Learn more about the current policies and initiatives addressing task sharing in your country.
  • Identify opportunities in which task sharing can contribute to expanding contraceptive access and can better utilize the skills and competencies of a range of health care providers.
  • Participate in, support or organize an educational tour of a country or program where task sharing is happening.
  • Know what task sharing research is happening in your country and the region by checking out our task sharing research map on the FP2020 Task Sharing page.

爱博体育分析Educate Others

  • Engage stakeholders, including clients, on how task sharing can improve access to, and, the quality of contraceptive services.
  • Develop clear and concise messages with recommended actions stakeholders can implement or advocate.
  • Address concerns and fears about task sharing with research evidence, and share experiences from other countries and communities.

爱博体育分析Make it Happen

  • Fund, organize or participate in a task sharing demonstration or project.
  • Document task sharing research and implementation well to increase the usability of recommendations and lessons learned for replication and scale-up.
  • Support policy change to ensure that a broader range of health care providers can use their skills to improve contraceptive access and choice.

Share your task sharing experience with others. Please complete this short  if your organization is conducting task-sharing research and would like to be listed on the map on FP2020 Task Sharing page.

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